May 2, 2011
It was a family reunion at breakfast this morning as I reconnected with my Teacher of the Year brothers and sisters. We are all so excited for the adventures in store for us in Washington, DC! We are using our new FLIP cameras (Thank you Target!) to record our journey this week in the nation's capital.
Our day began with the most incredible gift from the University of Phoenix... a Kindle! Did they know this was on the top of my birthday list?
I spent a few hours in the National Postal Museum exploring stamp collections and discussing ways to bring history to life for our students. Thank you to the Smithsonian for sharing your knowledge and resources with us! I encourage teachers to check out the wealth of materials available at
This afternoon we visited the residence of the Vice President. Dr. Jill Biden is an excellent advoate for education and educators. She continues to teach at a local community college after 30 years in education. Her words inspired all of us today!


May 3, 2011 - Off to the White House