In December 2009, my principal, Kathy Harris-Smedberg called me into her office after a night of parent teacher conferences to share that she would like to nominate me for Teacher of the Year. I was truly humbled as I teach with amazing colleagues. At first, I was not sure if I should accept the nomination, not because of the workload it involves, but because any recognition I might receive should be shared by our entire school. My family encouraged me to accept this opportunity to grow and celebrate the work of my school. I'm so glad I did! This journey has been shared with the entire staff of Williams Elementary School.

I'm hopeful that sharing my experiences will encourage others to participate in the Teacher of the Year program. I spent the year uncovering my strongest beliefs about teaching. It was hard work, but I'm a better teacher because of the writing and reflecting I did in 2010! The conversations and portfolio process solidified the heart of my philosophy of education; by creating individual education plans for all learners, we are creating a road map to success for each child. I discovered that what matters most to me is that all children are given the opportunity to experience the magic of learning.

The resources below will guide you through my journey to September 10, 2010!

Nomination Phase

Semi finalist