Space Camp 2011July 22-29 ~ Huntsville, Alabama
I took over 200 pictures this week, but here are a few images to show you the highlights of our incredible adventure!

Here I am dressed as a Maine Lobstah with my friend, National Teacher of the Year, Michelle Shearer from Maryland. Thank you to my friend Maquel for the lobster claws, Gloria Noyes (2009) for the Lobstah Queen sash, and my friends Denice and Sidney for the lobster hat! My costume was a team effort!

Here I am simulating a walk on the moon!
Team Unity ~ Latvia, Georgia, Iowa, Alaska, California, Minnesota, Louisiana,
Kansas, New Jersey, North Dakota, Washington, Maine, Portugal, and Rhode Island
I could not have asked for a more supportive team! Our week was full of laughter!
Ernise and I are constructing a thermal protection shield.
Pam (Georgia), Danielle (New Jersey), Lorrie (Alaska), and I launch our very pink rocket, July Sky! We named it after the movie October Sky, which is based on the book Rocket Boys written by Homer Hickam. Homer spoke to us Wednesday night about the need to aim high!
On Team Unity's first mission, I was part of Mission Control assisting our Mission Specialists. On this mission, I had the chance to leave the orbiter and participate in a space walk as a Mission Specialist! Pam, Darin, Ryan and I worked as a team to construct this wall. It was a blast!
I am preparing to launch my first rocket!
Here I am with my roommates: Pam (Georgia), Danielle (New Jersey) and Molly (Iowa) at our Space Camp graduation! It was the perfect ending to a life-changing week full of new adventures!
Here is my foot next to Neil Armstrong's footprint!
Space Camp was the adventure of a lifetime. I learned so many new activities to incorporate in my classroom. I was also inspired by our many speakers including Homer Hickam, Ed Buckbee, and astronaut Bob Springer. As teachers, we need to make science come alive for our students and
help them aspire to reach the stars!