Visit from the Speaker of the House

As part of Bring Your Rep to School Week, Speaker of the House Robert Nutting (Oakland) visited my classroom. My fourth graders had a wonderful time modeling our use of SMART Technology. As part of our Maine History unit, the class, including Speaker Nutting, participated in a SMART Response lesson about events in Maine history. Students also showed Speaker Nutting their wonderful Maine timeline projects. Each child chose a different way to hightlight their understanding of significant events in Maine history. Thank you to Speaker Nutting for spending time in our classroom and for presenting me with a plaque from the Maine Legislature.

Speaker Nutting's Newsletter

Visit from the Commissioner of Education

´╗┐On May 10, Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen visited my classroom for over an hour to see standards-based learning in action. My students designed SMART Response questions in small groups related to ecosystems. During the hour, students unpacked standards and selected project choices from a menu. Each task was a way to demonstrate understanding related to our ecosystem standards. I was so proud of my students' ability to articluate the power of standards-based learning.


Below are a variety of articles written about our visit from Commissioner Bowen. I am so grateful for his support and willingness to visit our classroom as part of his state-wide Listening Tour.

Department of Education Article

Literacy of Learning

Morning Sentinel Article